Winter is Coming

Author: Brea Walker   Date Posted:1 May 2017 

Winter Sickness Remedies

Winter and Children are not the best of combinations.  When the weather starts to cool down, your chances of sickness increase dramatically.  These chances are increased even further the more children that you have.  Here are Mamma Bee’s top tips to surviving the winter season.

When Gastro Hits – Be Prepared

Lets just face it – the moment you hear the words “Gastro” at school or daycare your heart just melts.  You know it is coming and there is not much you can do to stop it once it has spread through a community where young people are present. 

Gastro usually brings on several nasty common symptoms which include: Nausea, Vomiting, Diarrhoea and Fevers.  Surprisingly we can last several days without any food being consumed without being too dangerous but it is imperative to have fluids.  When you have a little one that is having trouble keeping anything down it can become super stressful.  They run the risk of becoming dehydrating. 


One of the tips that a doctor taught me in the emergency department is to have syringes and Gatorade stored in the house.  Hydrolyte can be super expensive especially if you have more than one child.   One bottle of Hydrolyte sells for around $10 for a litre.   Keep your eye out for any sales on sports drinks at your local store and buy in bulk.  You can save even more money if you buy the tub of powdered sports drink when it is on special and you only need to use what you make. 


Use the Syringe to slowly release approx. 5ml of Hydrolyte (or equivalent) over 5 mins then rest 5 mins.  Take it very slow as the most important thing is that we keep the fluids in the system. 

          BIGGER KIDS*

Pour Hydrolyte (or equivalent) into ice cube trays and freeze.  Offer 1 ice cube every 10 mins. 

Making Ice cubes with Sports Drinks

*Please note:  I am not medically trained.  This is just advice that I have received in the past when my children have been sick.   I recommend you use your own judgement and if in doubt contact 13 HEALTH.  In an emergency, contact 000.



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