Switch Bricks

Author: Brea Walker   Date Posted:10 April 2017 

Switch Bricks

If you are looking for a way to entertain your toddlers to young children for a couple of hours during the school holidays then I would highly recommend switch bricks.

Where is it?

Switch Bricks is located at Booval, Ipswich.  They utilise the Sacred Heart School Gymnasium.  They are run on the school holidays with 2 sessions per day to choose from.  9 - 12 and 1 - 4pm.  They even cater for ASD and special needs children at an earlier time (if required).  


How Much?

It cost me $15 for my 3 children to attend but the price does vary for the ages.  

Under 1 - Free

1-3 years - $5

4 - 14 years - $10

Parents and older youth accompanying - Free

They also have some Family Deals available which will come in handy next school holidays as my twins will be 4-year-olds.


What is included:

There is so much to see and do at the switch bricks that I could spend all day talking about each and every activity.  Instead, I will give a very brief description.

1. Lego book library.  

Now we have a lego book library at home.  We have the encyclopaedia of Lego which shows Lego through its life and 10 of the lego books.  The twins enjoyed browsing through the books they didn't have but as I had Mr X (1 year old) we stayed clear of reading as he is a paper ripper.

2.  Single Lego creative activity.

There are thousands of single lego pieces at this table and small placemats with a design to copy.  Perfect way of entertaining for a longer period of time as they try to create the masterpiece.  I may just have to give this a go at home.

3.  Bionicle Lego

Bionicle LEgo

This would have to have been the best activity table that we visited during our stay.  I had to personally go up and ask what this lego was as I had never seen before.  This lego kept my twins entertained for no joke of an hour straight.  They sat there click these pieces together to make robot after robot.  They were even showing all the bigger kids that joined the table what to do.  

4.  Jumping Castle

Who doesn't love a jumping castle.

5. A massive Lego display

This was hard to get the twins not to touch the display that ran across the full back of a basketball court.  They must have taken days to create these displays.  

6.  Duplo Dreaming

I assume it gets its name as it is a massive ring of Duplo that is fully closed in with baby gates.  This allows for your baby/toddler to roam in a safe environment free from small lego pieces that we all know seem to have a magnet on the 6 months - 2 years age group.  

The children can build to their hearts consent with farm animals, train sets and much much more.  

7.  Create and Race


Racing LEgo

The kiddies can create their own lego cars and then race them down the collection of ramps set up.  My boys, although were not 100% capable of creating the car, enjoyed running other people's creations down the ramp.

8.  Colouring In

There are lego colouring in stations and a create a mask section

9.  Lego Stalls

Lego Cupcake stand

Make your own hamburger, ice cream and cupcake stalls were set up and the kids enjoyed the opportunity to get behind the counter and make someone a creation

10.  Mega block tower

Lego Mega Blocks

A lot of time was also spent in this section as they created a lego house suitable for a toddler.  

11.  Friends Lego

There were a couple of older girls in this section who had made up the Lego cafe's and houses to perfection and one of my twins had the best time sitting in this section playing house.  I could see their eyes heavily on his every movement as he moved people.  I can imagine it probably took them a very long time to create these.  He was very careful with their creations and took a lot of pride in making sure that everything was returned to its rightful place.

Overall my kids had a blast.  We stayed a total of 2.5 hours and I had to bribe them out with a popper each as I knew that if we left it any longer I would have three sleeping children in the car at 4 pm (no one wants a late napper).  

I think one of the best things we got out of this event is that it widened our knowledge of the lego range.  Although lego is visited regularly in our household, we were unaware of the Bionicle's lego range and a lot of the activities that we can do with Lego.

From the mouths of babes

"My Favourite Part was...."

Eli -  The new Lego (Bionicle)

Luca - The jumping castle

Xavier - Eating the lego pieces (ok he didn't say that but this is a fact).

Highly recommend switch bricks for anyone in the Brisbane/Ipswich area.  We love love love it and will be back next holidays for another play.  

To find out more information about switch bricks click here.  

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