Spanakopita (Spinach Pie)

Author: Brea Walker   Date Posted:11 February 2016 

I was a little nervous about how this dish would go down.  I have made this dish many times before but not for the toddlers.  They do much better with finger food especially if there is a sauce or spaghetti.  In the past, I have used Jamie Olivers Spinach Pie but tonight I used a thermomixer version from an online magazine called the 4 Blades Magazine.

This is part of the budget issue which is a magazine full of meal and snack ideas on a budget.  This is one of my favourite editions of their magazine.  For those interested in the magazine please click here (I am not affiliated with them or make any commission).

Unfortunately, my toddlers decided today they were not going to have a nap so I needed a dish that was going to be quick and healthy but still feed toddlers, children and adults.  This dish was easy to make - even whilst baby wearing a 3-month-old.  The dish was prepared in less than 10 mins.

How did the toddlers go?  They ate it.  Luca didn't just eat it - he wanted more.  Eli ate only the spinach pie leaving all the vegetables untouched as usual.  Can now add this one to my toddler approved dishes.

The photo is not the best of quality.  I had a hungry baby crying out for me and two toddlers not willing to wait for me to take a picture.

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