Sherwood Arboretum

Author: Brea Walker   Date Posted:4 April 2017 

Sherwood Arboretum is a park like no other in Brisbane.  This park is located on the banks of the Brisbane River in Sherwood – West of Brisbane.  There is a good amount of car parking available onsite and plenty of street parking for busier periods.

We visited the park on the first day of the Easter School holidays.  The car park was busy but not full.  There would have been around 20 children max in the park but it didn’t feel busy. 

This park brings back a lot of memories from my childhood.   I remember climbing the trees down near the river, rolling down the grassy hills, sun baking down near the lake and my fondest memory is celebrating my nieces first birthday (20 years ago). 

Why is this park different from the rest?  It has so much to offer for all of the family.  Bring your bikes, bring your balls, a picnic lunch and some “treats for the ducks”.  You could easily spend the whole day at Sherwood Arboretum. 

Feeding the Ducks at Sherwood Arboretum

Park Features:

  • Lake with plenty of wild animals including turtles, ducks and a variety of large fish
  • 2 playgrounds to explore
    • A fort hidden under a collection of large fig trees.
    • Playground with bark base and shade sails
  • 2 Large Gazebo’s surrounding the playgrounds.
  • BBQ’s
  • Toilet Facililites
  • Open Grassy Fields perfect for the kids to run free
  • Car Park available off Jollimont Street
  • Jetty walk
  • Plenty to explore and do
    • Large trees to climb
    • Hills to roll down
    • Ducks and Turtles to feed
    • Fishing on the Jetty
    • Ride or Scooter along one of the many pathways.

Wooden Fort includes:

Wooden Fort at Sherwood Arboretum

  • Mini Monkey Bar
  • Mini Flying Fox
  • Boats Wheel
  • Small toddler hand eye coordination section
  • Plenty of wooden walkways for them to explore
  • Shaded by large fig trees

Playground with Shade Sails includes:

  • 3 swing sets
  • 2 dizzy sticks
  • 2 forts
    • Slides – single and double
    • Firemans pole
    • Monkey bars
    • Steering Wheel
  • Rockers
  • Spider web climbing frame

3 year old climbing spider frame at Sherwood Arboretum


What my Kids loved about this park:

Luca – I loved the swingy thing (the flying fox on the wooden fort)

Eli – I loved the spinner (Dizzy Sticks)




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