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Here are ten ways that your little one and your family can have fun with shapes at home. Happy playing.

In a sensory tray

Place shapes in any tray and cover with rice, sand, or soapy water.  Your little one will enjoy a sensory experience while they find each of the shapes. Each time they find a shape, encourage them to name the shape and maybe name an object that is the same shape, e.g. a square is the same shape as a book cover. These shapes are out of a game that we have at home. Have a look around your home for different shapes that you can hide.

Making Shapes in Rice


Shape hunt

Encourage your little one to explore shapes around your home using their favourite shape book as a prompt. Help your child find items around the home that are the same shape as the shape on the book pages.

Shapes in Books


Shapes out of play dough

Encourage your little one to make shapes out of play dough.  Have discussions with your child about 2D and 3D shapes. Don't worry if they don’t understand. I believe that it is valuable to expose children to the language.

2D and 3D Shapes

Drawing shapes

Encourage your little one to draw shapes using textas, colourful pens, pencils, with paint and even chalk on the concrete outside. 

 Drawing Shapes

Cutting out shapes

Draw different shapes on pieces of paper for your little one to cut out. Use different coloured pieces of  paper and even different scissors will help engage your little one in this activity. Encourage your little one to make pictures of the shapes that they cut out.

Cutting out shapes

Sorting Shapes 

Encourage your little one to sort the shapes. Here I have used a pack of buttons that I got from Big W but you could use any shapes that you can find around the house. 

Sorting Shapes


Make your own shape puzzle

Encourage your little one to have a go at making their own shape puzzle. Here I have used some of the shapes that I had previously cut out.  You could also use any shapes that you can find around your home.

 Make your own shape puzzle


Create Shapes

Encourage your little one to create the outline of 2D shapes with anything that you can find around the house e.g rope, pipe cleaners, paddle pop sticks, wire, a garden hose or even cardboard, masking tape or sticky tape.

Create your own shapes



Spaghetti and Marshmallow Shapes

Make shapes out of dry spaghetti and marshmallows. This activity provides great opportunity to teach your little one about sides and corners. The spaghetti are the sides and the marshmallow are the corners. Ask your little one to have a go at making a circle and see what they do!

Spaghetti and Marshmellow Shapes


Shape Poster or book

Create your own shape posters with your little one. Take pictures of shapes that your child has made, found or drawn (from any of the activities above), print the photo and stick it to paper or card. Then write the correct shape name to match each picture. They may have many published shape books or even posters but trust me, if they have made their own poster, they are going to be so proud of it and look at it a lot. They may even want to show it to visitors which sparks more shape conversations.  You could even turn the photos into book pages.


I hope you have fun exploring shapes with your little one. Don't worry if your little one doesn't know all of their shapes before they start school, it's all about exposure and introducing your child to different concepts and the vocabulary to match.



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