Rainbow City - Indoor Park Review

Author: Brea Walker   Date Posted:11 February 2016 

Rainbow City Indoor Playground has just celebrated their 1st birthday.  This is our go to indoor playground with my mum.  It is not the closest one (over 30 min drive from us) but focusses on the younger children play which makes it in my eyes the best indoor playground around.

Rainbow city is located at Unit F, 5-15 Lapis Street, Underwood in Queensland.  It is part of a factory complex that has several storefronts near it.  Parking is limited but we have always found a park in the complex.

Entry is max $9 per child.  Adults are free and they have a few weekly specials.  School Day Special is usually 2 – 3.30pm at $6 each; Twins Tuesdays at 2 – $12 (you don’t have to have twins) and Family Monday – $22 entry for 3 or more siblings from the same family.

They have a detailed food menu if you wanted to order anything from the kitchen.  My boys usually have a ham sandwich and some chips take away as a special treat (only way we can entice them out of the playground).

Rainbow City has four designated sections

  • Under 2 years section: Includes slide, swing, see-saw, rockers, walker, blocks plus more.
  • Gated section has all great selection of the tike coupes, a soft toy building block section, plus a younger kids ball bit and slide.
  • Jumping Castle aimed at 2 years – 5 years
  • Ball Bit, Super Slides and Climbing area for 2 years plus

My favourite feature about this indoor playground is

  1. It is age appropriate.  I do not have to worry as much about the boys getting stuck in the bigger kids play area or being pushed around by fast bigger kids.
  2. All the areas are visible from the designated seating.  This means that carers can sit down and watch older children play.

One of the only negatives to the indoor playground is the length of time it takes to get your food order.  They only have a small kitchen so orders do take some time.  We often order 30 mins before we are planning to leave as this is how long it takes.


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