Preschool Brilliant Box Review

Author: Brea Walker   Date Posted:6 August 2017 

Sunshine Collective Preschool Brilliant Box Review

My twins just turned 4.  They attend a school based kindy program on a 5 day fortnight in the hope to have them as ready for prep as they can be.  In QLD, children are expected to start school if they turn 5 before July 1st.  My twins are borderline - their expected due date was the 5th July but they were born at the end of May.  

I was concerned that my twins didn't have the skills socially, behaviourally or academically for the major change children go through in their first real year of schooling.   We have watched one child already go through this process which has made us extra cautious for the road ahead.

I came across the sunshine collective preschool brilliant box by sheer coincidence when I started doing research into what are important milestones a child should reach prior to starting school.  This box is a one-off box that helps prepare a child for school and I used it as a tool to what my twins are already competent in and what they might need a little bit of assistance with.  

The boys were super excited when the yellow sunshine collective box arrived in the mail.  We opened it up and found it was full to the brim with instructions and materials to help us with every task.  There was a total of 18 tasks to complete.  I will not go through them all in detail but will list the intended skill below.  

  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Literacy
  • Numeracy
  • Independence

Sunshine Collective have done their research and share this information with parents so that we can understand ways that we can introduce and/or continue to grow their knowledge in day to day life.  

How Much was it?

I thought the price tag was pretty reasonable.  The package was $38 in total plus postage.  That worked out to be around $2 per task.

What was the kids favourite tasks?

The cotton ball dot race was their favourite task.  They really had no idea there was learning involved.  They just loved rolling the dice and the fact that one won and the other didn't didn't bother them in the slightest.

Cotton Ball Race by the Sunshine Collective

What was the least favourite?

This was a hard one as each task played a specific role.  The least favourite would have been Let Us Rejoice.  The task, in my opinion, was just a little bit too advanced for them.  We enjoyed singing the Australian Anthem but they lost interest in the sight word search.  The words were too long and because they went in all directions they ended up just highlighting the whole page.

Let us rejoice by the sunshine collective

How did we go?

Some tasks my twins found really easy.  I had no idea that they knew how to count 0-100 (although muddled).  I was impressed with how well they could read the number on the dice (by recognition) and listened to and followed my instructions. 

Too cheesy by the Sunshine Collective

I soon realised that one of my twins was a fair bit ahead of the other.  He is still struggling to figure out which hand he wants to be the dominant hand.  He passes his pen from left to right and because of this he really hasn't mastered the fine motor skills and strength with scissors.  

It became very apparent to me after finishing the box that one of my children was "prep ready" but the other twin might benefit from a little more TLC.  His teachers have mentioned that the areas that he struggles in are not areas that they would normally hold a child back on.  With the help of teachers aides he will soon master these skills.

Get me Home by the Sunshine Collective

Areas we need to focus on for him are:

  • Scissor Positioning and Cutting in a straight line
  • Hand Placement on pencil

For me, this preschool brilliant box was worth its money and also helped reassure me that their teachers know what they are talking about and that my twins (although their age) are 100% ready for prep next year.

Contents of Preschool Brilliant Box by Sunshine Collective

You can buy the Preschool Brilliant Box at Sunshine Collective.  



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