Parental Advice - Take it or leave it?

Author: Brea Walker   Date Posted:2 April 2016 


Tonight I am sitting in the office crying.  Not because I am unhappy as I have nearly everything that I ever wanted but because I could feel the pain in a very young mums post on facebook about someone giving advice about sleeping arrangements for her 6 month old baby.

I have been very privileged to watch this young lady grow through the end of her pregnancy into the amazing mummy that she is and although we have only met up once I have enjoyed watching her grow as a mum and watching her little bub reaching new goals.  If you could see this little monkey smile you would know how happy she is.

Tonight she was advised by someone about how she puts her little one to sleep. I do not want to go into the details of her issue as this is a very controversial topic but to say that in my opinion if the routine is not broken it doesn’t need fixing.

Below is the post that I published on my small mummies group (that have been the most supportive caring group of local mums to my area).

Yes there are sometimes that it is important that words of wisdom are passed on to you especially when it comes to the health of your growing child (ie hip, head, spine…) but when it comes down to it, advice is just that advice.

YOU…. are the parent and never ever forget that.

YOU grew that little baby in your tummy for 9 months (some more/some less). You were the one that dealt with morning sickness, indigestion, stretching skin, sore back, sore pelvis, huge kicks to the ribs, pressure on the bladder… I think you get the idea.

YOU were the one the endured pushing that little precious baby into this world or underwent major surgery.

YOU were the one that had to endure breast feeding or bottle feeding during the day and night whilst dealing with the outcomes for having a baby – stitches, bleeding, sore backside, sore breasts, hormonal emotions.

YOU are the one that night in night out wakes and tends to your child. YOU are the one that your baby depends on. YOU!!!!

YOU are supermum!

Our bodies and minds as a women are all we need to determine what our child needs. Sometimes all the advice that others with and without children give can makes you second guess this but do you know what…. Unless that person giving the advice is willing to stay with you for the time that it will take then their advice is not worth a cent in my books.

If you want to breast feed your baby until 10 years of age!!! YOU GO SUPERMUM

If you want to co-sleep your baby!!! YOU GO SUPERMUM

If you want to rock your baby to sleep and watch them glaring into your eyes before falling into a deep relaxed state! YOU GO SUPERMUM

If you want to have your baby able to self settle themselves so that if you need to tend to another child at the same time! YOU GO SUPERMUM

If someone tells you that you shouldn’t do something because it could cause damage mentally or physically and you are unsure ask for a medical opinion.


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