Author: Brea Walker   Date Posted:17 March 2017 

The online baby store Australia loves

The world’s best for babies and kids

Based in Brisbane, Brea from Mamma Bee brings the world’s best babies and kids products to Australian mums and dads. 

Brea only stocks products she’d use for her own kids. Step mamma to 10-year-old Miss O, and mamma to 3-year-old twin boys (Mr L and Mr E) and 1-year-old Mr X, Brea has plenty of chances to try out new products for the online baby store. 

Mamma Bee stocks big brands and well-known products, and some hidden gems you won’t find in the shops. 


A mother’s love started it all

When Brea’s twins were born 5 weeks premature, they became attached (literally) to the hospital grade dummies used in the special care nursery. It was a tough time, and Brea and her husband wanted to do everything they could to keep the twins comfortable when they were strong enough to come home.

But it was tough to find the dummies in the outside world. Frustrated she couldn't get what she needed for her babies quickly, the idea of Mamma Bee was born. An online baby store Australian mums and dads could turn to when they needed a special something for their little ones, in a hurry.


There for all life’s milestones

Mamma Bee supports parents (and their little ones) through:
•    play time
•    teething
•    meal times
•    getting out and about
•    toilet training
•    keepsakes for special moments
every day needs.


Making life easy… and fun!

If there’s something you need to make your life easier with kids, or to keep baby happy and healthy, you want it right away. Mamma Bee keeps all stock on hand from their huge range so there’s no waiting for overseas shipments. We’re ready to go when you order. 
Brea still packs all the orders with the help of her husband – and her dad when things get busy!


Tried and tested by real mums

Mamma Bee products are tried and tested by real mums, who review the products you can buy online. 


Ready to make life a little easier and a lot more fun? Check out the online baby store Australia loves.