Magical Parks Review

Author: Brea Walker   Date Posted:8 March 2017 

Today I took the boys on a journey to a magical park. 

What is a Magical Park?
Magical Park is an app that you can use in specific parks to have an interactive play hunting for dinosaur eggs or freeing aliens from their cages.  

One of our local councils signed up for one of our parks to be a digital park.  The good news for us is that it is free to play.  All you need is a smartphone and the app downloaded.  

The app is available on google play and apple iTunes

I am sure that if you were driving past Namatjira Drive in Collingwood Park this morning, you may have seen myself and twin boys running around the park grounds with a mobile phone in our hands.  We may have looked a little bit silly but we were hunting for dinosaur eggs.

My twins are three and dinosaur mad.  They are yet to spell their names but they can tell you at least 10 different dinosaur species.  I knew the moment that I saw the interactive park advertised that we had to give it a go.

Firstly, you need to be in the designated location for it to start the game.  We started off at the playground all excited to catch some dinosaur eggs and had to walk halfway along the street to the specific location to activate the game.  

After setting up the program (it took less than a minute) we were on our way to an interactive play.   We had three games to choose from:

Of course, we choose prehistoria as our first mission.    We had to find 8 dinosaur eggs that were hiding behind rocks.  Now 7 of these dinosaur eggs are easy to find.  My kids were able to locate them and tap on the egg to collect.  One, however, was very very hard to find.  So hard to find that they lost interest in finding it. 

I have noticed in their Troubleshooting that they mention that one of the eggs is hidden behind a rock that many have difficulty finding.  I am sure an older child would have found it a lot quicker than us.  

We attempted the other two games but found they were just a little too hard for 3-year-olds. They were a too scared to do the Alien scape game and didn't understand how to catch the kittens in Augmentia.  

One thing that I noticed is that my 3-year-olds got confused looking through the phone and trying to direct themselves towards an object.   It took them a little bit to understand that they had to direct themselves towards the item as if it were in front of them.  After 10 minutes they had mastered the skill and were spinning around.  

Their favourite thing about this game was they could take a photo with the Dinosaurs in the game.  To them, it was so much fun that there was a T-Rex stomping on them or Pterodactyls flying around my head.   It is the small things that you take for granted that really can make a young child's day.  

I would put this game down as perfect for the ages 5 and above but can be used for as young as 3 with help from a grown up.    This is a great way to involve smart technology and the outdoors.

I am not sure whether it displays better on other types of devices.  I used my Iphone 7 and the photos were taken through the app by my boys.  When I watched the video on their website the quality of the pictures were much better.  I am not sure whether this is due to the internet connection in our area.  


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16 March 2017
What a cool idea of bringing technology and the outdoors together. Will definitely give this one a go! Thanks for sharing ☺ Response
You are welcome. I hope you and your loved ones enjoy it.


By: on 9 March 2017
Wow this looks amazing! Thanks for sharing, I had no idea about this. Can't wait to take the kids, they're gonna love it! Response
Let us know what they think :)

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