Lunch Punch Sandwich Cutters Review

Author: Ruth Meany from Pea Fritters   Date Posted:14 March 2017 

Jigsaw Lunch Punch in yumbox

Pic Courtesy of lunch punch

My kids love a simple sandwich, provided it's on exactly the right bread and cut exactly the right way and served on exactly the right plate. And even then, they will often take one bite and say they are full (#mumlife). However, when we made sandwiches using these Lunch Punch sandwich cutters, the entire sandwich got eaten by both my kids! The whole thing!!!

The Lunch Punch offers 4 different puzzle cutter designs to use on bread, sandwiches and toast. The cutters are designed that you can make even bigger puzzles by cutting extra pieces. They are easy to use and easy to clean. They take up as much room as a small tupperware container and easily fit back into the box that they come in. 

I found they worked best on soft dense bread such as gluten free bread but also worked well on fresh toast. They didn't work as well on standard bread that was a couple of days old as the bread tended to crack.

My daughter also took these along to her family daycare for the kids to use on their sandwiches at lunch which everyone enjoyed.

These could also be used on firm fruit such as rockmelon if you had large pieces.

Watermelon with the lunchpunch

Pic Courtesy of lunch punch

My only criticism is that bread size and shape make a bit of an impact.  The cutters were smaller than anticipated. I found them the perfect size for gluten free bread which is smaller than standard bread. But with the standard wheat bread, I found there to be a fair amount of waste ie there was a lot of crust with bread still on it which got thrown in the bin. Having said that it's unlikely that my kids would've eaten the crust anyway!

For the price, these offer an affordable and fun way to make an everyday sandwich a bit more appealing and exciting. A great option for a family kitchen especially families that need to regularly do lunchboxes.


Thank you Ruth for reviewing the lunch punch sandwich cutters.  My boys were eyeing these off when I bought one to review.  You can find the range of lunch punch cutters here.

Ruth Meaney is a mother to two gorgeous kids, both with food allergies and intolerances. Her blog, Pea Fritters, is all about allergy and intolerance friendly food which is both beautiful and delicious. She also writes a weekly Self Care series for busy parents to help parents like us find some time to look after ourselves. Ruth loves having a boogie in the kitchen, dreams of getting a full nights sleep and wishes to swim with whale sharks one day! You can find her on InstagramFacebookPinterest and Twitter.

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