Just Jump Redbank

Author: Brea Walker   Date Posted:12 May 2017 

If you are looking for a place that your child can jump and climb to their heights content whilst you sit back and relax with a cup of coffee. 

Just Jump Queensland, Redbank


Just Jump is located in Redbank approx. 15 mins from Brisbane.  It is conveniently located just off the Ipswich Motorway and across the road from Redbank Plaza Shopping Centre.  The trampoline park is located within an indoor sports centre and gym and there is ample free parking. 


$6 per hour per child which includes 1 hour of trampoline time and unlimited indoor play. 


  • Two Large Trampoline areas
  • Multiple jumping castles
  • Little tykes racing car track
  • Indoor rock climbing wall
  • Variety of indoor toys



Luca shows us his best moves at Just Jump Redbank

There are two large trampoline areas at Just Jump.  They are allocated to 10 and under and 11 years plus but this is to protect the little kids from being trampled on.  When we visited there was only 4 people in the centre and the oldest was around 8.  We had access to both. 

The trampolines are slightly different with one being an open field of trampolines bordered with side trampolines so the kids can bounce off the side.  The second has a centre obstacle trampoline as well as all the sides.

The boys spent around 20 mins total on the outdoor trampolines.  They are still only very young at 3 and 1 and lost interest as there was no one around to play with.  The twins ended up chasing each other and tackling themselves to the floor. 

Indoor Activities

We spent over an hour coming in and out of the indoor area. 

Jumping Castles

The best jumping castle at Just Jump

I think there were 5-6 different jumping castles that the kids had to choose from.  The Mega Shark as the boys called it was a massive climb to the top and big slide back down.  Several Plain jumping castles and a few with slides and obstacles. 

My boys spent more time jumping in and out of these jumping castles then they did on the trampolines.  I think because there was different colours, activities and choice that they were more interactive for their age level. 

The youngest was a little hesitant jumping on the jumping castles and spent most of his time being bounced by his brothers or playing hide and seek with me.


Little Tykes racing car track

Xavier on the racing track at Just Jump Redbank

This was a favourite for the youngest once I showed him what to do.  He spent a lot of his time pushing the car up to the top of the ramp, climbing on and pushing off with a weeeeee.


Indoor toys, cars and scooters

There is a variety of plastic cubby houses and a fire engine that kept the kids entertained.  They drove around in the little tyke cars and scooters. 


Indoor rock climbing wall

I am not sure whether this was a feature of the indoor area but my kids did try out the rock climbing wall although they chickened out when they had to pull themselves up. 



Here is what my kids loved the best....

Eli loves the jumping castle at Just Jump Redbank

Luca loved the mega shark jumping castle at Just Jump Redbank

Xavier loves the racing track at Just Jump Redbank

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