Healing Gracies Gut

Author: Mel Krasilovsky   Date Posted:20 June 2017 

Food Intolerances - Healing Gracies Gut

What is food intolerances is that like an allergy? 

If someone had asked me this a couple of years ago I wouldn’t have known the answer myself, it wasn’t something that had ever touched my life before.  All this changed when my now nearly 3-year-old daughter was found to have several food intolerances that were the underlying reason for her recurring health issues.


Our journey to work out what was wrong with Grace has been long and stressful.  We had a rough start to being first-time parents due to my own post-partum medical complications and just when we thought things were settling down for our little family at around 12 months Gracie started developing red patches that eventually spread all over her body along with terrible chronic constipation.  


After going back and forth to our local doctor who thought it was most likely cow's milk causing her the issues, but giving us very general and quite frankly unhelpful advice I decided to take matters into our own hands.


Food intolerances are not allergies

Unfortunately (for us!) Food intolerances aren’t well understood by doctors and people often get them confused with food allergies as some of the symptoms can be similar.  However, the main difference is that Food intolerances do not involve the immune system and won’t cause a reaction such as anaphylaxis.


What has made things more difficult is that symptoms to food can be immediate or even up to 24 hours to develop so pin-pointing the culprit can be a very stressful and confusing process.


Eventually, I was able to find a wonderful Integrative Pediatrician who thankfully put us on the right track and Gracie’s issues are a million times better than they were, she’s slowly getting there but a huge component of her recovery has been through nutrition.


Preparation is the key to normal activities

Having a child with food intolerances means you can’t go to a party without packing a full packed lunchbox beforehand, we can rarely go out to eat anymore and going to people’s houses can be very tricky.  The upside of all of this means that we have transitioned to a more wholesome way of eating.


At the beginning of starting our journey it felt extremely isolating having a child that had to be on such a restrictive diet and the majority of people we told just didn’t understand - I mean why would you unless you needed to!  And there’s also the misconception that children must have dairy to ensure they get their recommended intake of calcium a day so there was many a raised eyebrow!

The feeling of isolation is actually one of the main reasons that I decided to start my blog, I felt like I wanted an outlet to share our journey after being through such horrible times and with the hope to try and reach other families who were or had been through similar and to share information along the way. Sometimes good things can come out of stressful times and I feel like this is one of them!


Healing Gracies Gut

Healing Gracies Gut

Mel is a Mummy to now 3-year-old Gracie.  Her blog - Healing Gracies Gut is all about Mel and Gracies journey with food intolerances, free from recipes and other health and wellbeing pieces.  If you are concerned that someone you love might have a food intolerance, eczema or other gut health related issue - head over to Mel's Support and Chat Group (it is a closed forum)


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