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Toddler constantly dropping things?

Are you sick and tired of picking up toys that have been dropped (or thrown) to the ground by your baby/toddler?  Want to actually enjoy your meal or conversation in public without having to catch toys midair?  The Grapple is the solution that you have been dreaming of.  

The Grapple™ suctions to any smooth surface and keeps your baby’s favourite toys within reach and off the floor. It’s innovative, patented design makes it safe, easy to use and easy to clean.

The Grapple™ was invented, as many baby products are, out of sheer necessity…or desperation. After spending many meal times retrieving toys that their 9-month-old son dropped on the floor, David and Amy Oh decided there had to be a better way. When they couldn’t find a solution in stores or on the internet, they decided to make their own. It wasn’t pretty but it worked! After being approached by people in restaurants wanting to know where they could buy one, the Ohs realised there was a true need for this product. They formed Boingy LLC and started off on the adventure of creating a product that was fun, easy to use and safe.

Grapple Product Review

Starfish enjoying the Grapple

Mumma Morrison has an awesome blog post on navigating the throwing stage and review of the Grapple. For more information click here.

How does it work?

Step 1  - Push Grapple™ down on any smooth surface

How to Use the Grapple - Step 1

Step 2 - Flip up the top and unwind tethers

How to Use the Grapple - Step 2

Step 3 - Wrap end of tether around each toy, feed the tip through each hole and pull tight

How to Use the Grapple - Step 3

Step 4 - Let them play

How to Use the Grapple - Step 4


Care Instructions

To clean your Grapple™, wash with warm soapy water and air dry. For best performance, wipe the suction cup clean before each use and make sure the surface you are attaching it to is smooth.


As a safety feature, the tethers of the Grapple™ are designed to release from the core when pulled with a light force. To reattach, simply push the open section of the ring back onto the core. The Grapple™ has been evaluated by an independent safety lab and meets the safety standards of the CPSIA and ASTM.


Features of the Grapple

  • Stops the pick-up game
  • Keeps toys off the floor
  • 3 Tethers for holding multiple toys
  • Compact and Self contained = perfect for on the go
  • Handy clip = easy to attach to a nappy bag
  • Easy to Clean 
  • Durable
  • Made of Soft Silicone
  • BPA & Phthalate Free
  • Independently Safety Tested (Meets CPSIA and ASTM safety standards)
  • Free Shipping* on orders over $80
  • Zippay and Afterpay Available
  • Free Giftwrapping on all Orders
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The best invention!

25 May 2017
When we first received the Grapple, I instantly fell in love with it. Dining out with my (9-month-old) son a few times, it was clear to me that it would work a treat in keeping him entertained without me losing my mind over picking up toys. While it is nicely compact (designed this way for ease of use and transportation in a nappy bag), it does involve a bit of pack up in removing the cord from each toy, wrapping up the cords and then putting the Grapple and toys in your bag (still requiring space for the toys). This may sound like I’m splitting hairs – and maybe I am, as the Grapple really doesn’t have any other drawbacks – but as a busy mum, usually rushing out the door to get somewhere, sometimes it’s those extra couple of minutes that make a difference. However what the Grapple might spend in a couple of minutes of attaching and detaching toys, it saves in the time spent picking up toys. It creates a hassle free dining out experience for mums. For mums who want to catch up with friends or dine out with family, the Grapple is the perfect accessory for ensuring your baby is entertained throughout the process.

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