Gainsborough Greens

Author: Brea Walker   Date Posted:6 May 2017 

This park is a great one for children 3 years and older.  If your child loves to climb and has the need for speed then this park is for you.


Gainsborough Greens can be found in a new estate by Mirvac in Pimpama.   This is around a 30-minute drive south of Brisbane and is located just a quick distance away from Dreamworld.  

I had a lot of trouble finding Gainsborough Greens.  I took the wrong turn and ended up at Dreamworld so had to do a little loop.  The park shows up on google maps but directions are not available at this stage due to it being a new estate.  

I initially drove around near the golf course and the initial stages of Mirvac's new development.    We parked at another park that we found and started walking the streets.  We met a lovely couple out walking their dog and they directed us to the newest estate at the top of the hill around 1km walk away.  


This is a free public park.  

FEATURES OF Gainsborough greens PARKLANDS

  • Tennis Court
  • Undercover Gazebo
  • Shaded Tree Branch Climbing Frame
  • Twin Swing
  • Super Speedy Slide
  • Sandpit


Shaded Tree Branch Climbing Frame

Aeriel View of Climbing Frame at Gainsborough Greens Park

They have cleverly made this climbing frame using recycled timber.  It gives the park at rustic feel that really blends into the surroundings.  My boys loved the climbing frame.  They kept coming back to climb to the very top and scream "I'm the king of the castle and your the dirty rascal".   They also loved the large rock collection that features next to the rocks for the same reason.

Eli enjoying the Climbing Frame at Gainsborough Greens

Rock Climbing at Gainsborough Greens Parkland

Twin Swing

Xavier swinging at Gainsborough Greens Park

Why I say this park is not suited for under 3 years of age is that they have not included a baby swing on the swing set.  Both of the swings are the flat child swings.  I tried to sit on the swing with my 17 month old to have a swing but my child bearing hips meant it was a snug fit.  I ended up swinging him alone and holding on to his hands.  Sometimes you have to make do with what you are given.

Super Speedy Slide

Steps leading to Super Speedy Slide at Gainsborough Greens Park

This slide gets the best slide EVER award with my twins.   This slide in built on a hillside and gets its name because it is super steep and therefore speedy.  This slide will have your children running to the top for another turn, over and over.  

Enjoying the speedy slide at Gainsborough Greens Park


Sandpit at Gainsborough Greens Park

This park was not really created for a young child but luckily a large sandpit was found at the bottom of the Super Speedy Slide which helped keep my 17 month old entertained enough to stay away from my twins flying past on the slide.  Next time we come I might bring some of the sand toys and some water so they can build some sandcastles.  


Here is what my kids loved the best....

Eli playing at Gainsborough Greens Park

Luca loves playing at Gainsborough Greens Park

Xavier loves playing at Gainsborough Greens Park

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