Dinner Winner Review

Author: Mel from Healing Gracies Gut   Date Posted:20 April 2017 

Dinner Winner Plate Review by Mel from Healing Gracies Gut

Dinnerware plates have been designed to encourage children to eat a well-balanced meal.  Throughout the plate, there are cute words to motivate children to eat the food in each different section (8 in total).  Once they get to the end of the plate they are then able to uncover a hidden section to receive their special treat.

Healing Gracies Gut Review the Forest dinner winner plate

This plate is totally different to any of our plates we’ve ever used before. I normally serve Gracie’s meal on a plate with no dividers or one that has 2 or 3.  Generally speaking, Gracie is a decent eater but like all toddlers, she can definitely have her picky moments and can take time for her to accept trying different and new foods.


The Verdict

Gracie exploring the Dinner Winner Plate

When I first received the plate I was slightly surprised at the size, as in it’s smaller than what I expected it to be.  However what I loved and so did Grace was the design, which is so gorgeous and eye-catching.  It’s also extremely sturdy and not flimsy like a lot of children’s plates can be.

As soon as Gracie had eaten one of the sections she asked for it to be filled up again, which I was pleasantly surprised with!

Overall this is a lovely plate and a really great idea for children who tend to be a bit picky with their eating.


Mel created Healing Gracies Gut Blog as an outlet to share her experiences and journey with food intolerances.  Grace has suffered from chronic constipation and eczema for the majority of her life.  She was diagnosed with food intolerances and leaky gut syndrome. Changing Grace’s diet and eliminating certain foods has changed their lives dramatically.  Grace’s gut is slowly healing, her eczema has virtually cleared and she’s a much brighter, happier child.

Want to know more about Gracies and Mel's journey?  Check out Mel's blog post about Food Intolerances here.

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