Dear Kindy Teachers

Author: Brea Walker   Date Posted:24 January 2018 

A heartfelt letter to my sons kindy teachers

Dear Mrs L, Mrs M, Mrs L, Mrs H and Mrs R,

I am writing this letter as I watch my little boys put on their new school uniforms and get ready for Prep - buttoning up their big boy shirts, hiking up the knee-high socks (that go well beyond their knees) and figuring out which shoes go on which foot. 

I am taken back to a moment in time just one year ago.  My little 3-year-old twins, who were barely able to pull up their own shorts let alone fully dress themselves.  It hits me hard - WOW,  these two have really grown.  Not just physically but socially, mentally and academically in just ONE year.

Part of that amazing growth is due to YOUR interest in my boys.  For that, I want to say THANK YOU.

I know what you are thinking.  It is your job to help our children strive to become independent and learn new things.  But, I want you to know that I think it is way more than just a JOB.

You see, when I drop my child off at kindy each morning, I am pretty much handing over the key to my heart.  It takes a lot of courage to hand over that key to someone I do not know.  But every day, I am able to pass over that key with confidence.  Confident that you have things under control.  Confident that under your supervision they are being moulded into the amazing, cheeky, daring, caring, adventurous enquirers they are today.  

You may see this as just your job but I see it as you creating a Masterpiece - tantrums and all.

Our journey to starting kindy was rough in the beginning.  One of my twins only mastered toilet training one month prior to starting and often had accidents in the oddest of places.  Mrs L and Mrs H, although having a stern word with said child - you cleaned him up and continued on with your day like nothing had happened.  If it had bothered you, you did not show it in any way shape or form. 

Me, I was mortified when you told me what and where he had gone to the toilet.  I never wanted to show my face at the school again.  But, it was never mentioned again.

I was adamant from their birth that they would remain in the same class for most of their schooling. I had read many articles and most expressed how twins often do better when in the same class.  Mrs L, you stirred that pot when you suggested in your opinion that my twins could benefit from a little "Separation".  I trust your opinion and I am so glad I did.  My boys although slightly reluctant at the start blossomed in separate classes.

They started to see things completely differently and it was then that we started to see their different interests - strengths and weaknesses.  They also started making new friends and were less dependant on each other.  

Swapping one twin to the other classroom in the middle of term was a very daunting task.  Having to put my trust into three other teachers was nerve-racking.  Would the child moving feel accepted into a classroom filled with children he did not know and without his support blanket (his twin).  

But the moment we entered the classroom we were welcomed with the biggest warmest smile that my little boy fell deeply and madly in love with.  He had found his second mummy in Mrs L.  You were the perfect match for my emotional mummies boy.  I would drop him off into your arms and it was like I had never left.  You praised him just in the same way that I would - he needed that praise more than anything else.

I will never forget the moment when he told me when I was folding the laundry that "they were Mrs L's undies".  That lead to a very interesting conversation and was quickly confirmed that the "Paw Patrol" undies were given to him by you after he had an accident.  We still have those paw patrol undies and I doubt he will give them up without a fight. 

Mrs M,  you were the perfect match alongside Mrs L.  You brought calm to him.  I don't really know how to explain it but you made him focussed and willing to learn.  He listened to every word you said (even if you think he wasn't listening).  Trust me, at home all I ever heard was Mrs M said this and Mrs M said that.  I am not sure whether you ever did your kiddies yoga in the classrom but both my boys would come home doing yoga positions and saying "NumbersDay".  It took me a long time to realise what they were trying to say.  

By Term 2, my boys were very much transitioned into kindy life.  It was then that I started to see them grow academically.  Their pencil grip was corrected and I started to see some characters in their drawings rather than the normal scribble that I received page after page after page.  They started recognising letters and counting past 10.  I remember during Term 3 holidays that they were jumping on the trampoline counting to 100.  

Thank you Mrs R for the extra time you spent with my boys with their pronunciation and grammar corrections. You were able to care for my twins in a completly different way as you are a twin mum yourself.  You just knew how to work with twins and you put my mind at ease knowing that someone just understood that it is different.  They have their own language and often answer each others sentences. 

They have really struggled with he/she and his/hers all year.  Your hard work, trying to incorporate games in order to correct this has not gone unnoticed.  You helped me after class had finished to plan ways I can correct this at home.    I think we have finally made progress during the christmas break.

The academic growth is above and beyond the level required by a 3 or 4 year old to enter prep.  I put this down to you carefully planned out lesson plan, spontaneous play and structured themes within the term that helped incorporate learning in a fun but inquisitive way.  So, thank you for preparing fun ways of learning and creating chaos in your rooms to let energetic little minds learn the way they desire.  

I was adament the twins would do two years of kindy and start prep in 2019 well after their 5th birthday but it became very apparent that holding them back in 2018 could have the opposite effect on my boys.  They were showing signs that they were ready and Mrs L and Mrs M, you saw that fire in their minds and without a doubt confirmed that it was in their best interests to start prep in 2018.

So here we are, in week 1 of prep.  100% ready to learn and we would not have been in this position if it wasn't for the love, care and commitment that you all gave every single day - whether it had been a full moon or not.   Do you know the first people they wanted to see on their first day of prep?  You!  They wanted to show you how they had got themselves dressed, packed their bags and tell you all about their fun adventures they had over the school holidays.  

I am truly grateful for you all being a support person in my children's life in 2017.  Thank you for accepting every flower my boys picked for you every morning on the way to school - no matter how limp that flower was.  Thank you for making extra time for my boys to do "Sharing" on a non-scheduled day - just because they wanted to show one of their favourite toys to the class.  Thank you for documenting all the things they got up to during the year and presenting it in an amazing portfolio as a keepsake.  

Yours truly,

Brea Walker

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