Could you survive the FIFO wife life?

Author: Petria from Coco Rose Interiors   Date Posted:28 February 2018 

What If I said you could only see your husband 25% of the next six years? 

Would you cope? 

Would you even maintain the marriage? What if I said you'd have to raise your children by yourself for that other 75%? School drop offs, sport, mealtimes, household duties, baths, bedtime routine, run a business.. the lot. 

Would you do it?

Many would say no. FIFO isn't for the faint-hearted but there are plenty who live the lifestyle and function well within it.   I am Petria, co-owner of Coco Rose Interiors with my husband Ben. Together we raise three beautiful girls aged nine, three and one. We've been together for 9 years now and have been living the FIFO lifestyle for the last 6.5 years.

The Coco Rose Interior Family

What possessed us to do such a thing?

For the most part, we began our fly in fly out journey, to save for a house deposit so we could raise our growing family. However, we didn't expect to discover some freedoms that the FIFO life later presented. Besides the obvious financial advantages, we have been enabled to raise our girls at home, with their family, without having to send them to expensive Childcare, where both parents would be working making small change at the end of the day. We find we have gained high-quality home time with our girls and have been able to raise well rounded confident young girls.

How do we manage?

Don't get me wrong, it hasn't always been an easy six years, but we've definitely learnt some helpful tricks along the way to maintain a strong and positive connection with the girls and also us as a couple.

Coco Rose Children

1. Have a common goal - Talk about what you both want out of your FIFO life and set goals to work towards. If you have a different mindset than your partner, then FIFO simply won't work.


2. Debrief - your partner on your child's day so he has prompts to make natural conversation with them. Talk in detail, remember he wasn't there so he can't infer meaning from things he would normally have seen throughout the day. It will make your kids feel like Dad is king and invested in their day to day routines.


3. Communication - This is a big one! Talk, talk, talk. We live in a wonderful world of technology today. FaceTime or video chat is the perfect way to catch up on each other's day and help the children feel like Dad isn't so far away. It also allows your kids to physically show dad their latest painting masterpiece or their new favourite toy. 


4. Your home is a military base - Run it like one! It's the only way you'll achieve what you need to do in a day. A missing partner means double the workload. Keep a tight schedule and maintain routine as much as humanly possible.


5. Don't sweat the small stuff - There will always be things you miss and along with it, feelings of guilt. Just keep reminding yourself of your goals and the good you are achieving. You'll be surprised how adaptable children are. My girls kiss the phone, put the phone (dad) in prams and push him around and carry him from room to room as they play and chat. At the end of the day it's all for a greater good and just know that you are doing a superhuman effort!


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