Where can I find the Gumdrop Dummy?

Author: Brea Walker   Date Posted:9 September 2016 

Chances are if you and your little one/s have spent any time in a special care nursery or neonatal intensive care, you would have been introduced to an orange silicone dummy called a Gumdrop or Jollypop.

These dummies are trusted worldwide through hospitals due to their practical design which leaves the nasal passage clear and softly curves around the shape of a babies face.  The shape of the teat allows your newborn baby to be comforted in your absence whilst helping to learn to suckle.

But once you leave the hospital with your baby,  you may have realised that you have no replacement dummy.  The first thing you are likely to do is search - Where can I find the Gumdrop Dummy?  Australian parents have been left confused and stressed trying to search for the correct dummy that their baby loves which has been made super difficult due to a change in manufacturer and two different designs.

Below are the two different designs currently seen throughout Australian hospitals. The colour you received my vary - most hospitals received neutral colour Orange.

GumDrop Dummy

The First Years - GumDrop Pacifier

This dummy is the retail GumDrop Pacifier that originally was seen in hospitals worldwide. If this is the dummy that your baby received it would have been an Orange GumDrop that has the company Hawaii Medical printed on the dummy.  Hawaii Medical no longer makes the gumdrop dummy.  Natus Medical are now manufacturers of the GumDrop dummy and The First Years by Tomy own the retail side.  GumDrops are available in a twin pack of Blue/Green or Pink/Purple and comes in two sizes - Newborns (0-3 months) and Infants (3 months plus).  *There is also a orthodontic GumDrop available - same cosmetic one-piece design with an orthodontic teat


Jollypop Dummy

The Jollypop

This dummy is manufactured by Sandbox Medical and has a slightly different design to the GumDrop.  Some hospitals have started using Jollypops in their SCU and NICU's.  There are some cosmetic differences with the Jollypop.  The colour of the Jollypop is two toned and they offer a loop shaped handle.  If your hospital dummy is two toned with a clear teat then your baby received a Jollypop.   Jollypops are sold individually and come in a variety of colours and three sizes - premmie, newborn (0-3 months) and infant (3 months plus).  *there is also a vanilla scented jollypop available.


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