How to reduce stress dining out with kids - 6 cheap activities

Author: Alyssa Saye   Date Posted:14 January 2017 

Alyssa is an early childhood educator and primary teacher, mum to a handsome little man and the mamma behind an online handmade craft store Mae-Saye Designs


Entertaining young children whilst out and about can be quite the task.  Add the challenge of dining out and you have a whole new ball game ahead of you.  This can be very stressful for all involved including parents, children, staff and fellow diners. 

Kids get bored, they get restless and they get hungry so it is always helpful to have some activities stored in your handbag/nappy bag for such times. 

Carrying around big bulky items is not always practical.   Here is 6 simple activities that only require a couple of items that you can have prepared in advance.  

Out and About Activities

Skills Developed:

  • Fine Motor
  • Colour Recognition and Association
  • Shape Recognition
  • Following simple instructions
  • Memory
  • Simple Positioning


What you will need:

  • Coloured sheets of paper
  • Coloured stickers in varying shapes (I just bought ours off Ebay)



Cut out the coloured paper into 8 cards per sheet.  You could even cut out a mixture of shapes on varying coloured sheets of paper to add an extra element to work with.

Out and About Activity 1

Out and About Activity 2

Out and About Activity 3

Out and About Activity 4

Out and About with Kids Simple Sums Activity

Out and About Numbers Activity

What are your go to dining out activities to entertain your children?

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