Discovery Park - Springfield Lakes

Author: Brea   Date Posted:11 November 2016 

With 3 boys aged 3 and under I am always on the lookout for a great gated park that is not too far of a drive from our house.  Situated approximately 30 minutes from Brisbane city in the shire of Ipswich is this little beauty of a park that offers hours of entertainment and added safety.


This park is situated a couple of minutes from Orion shopping centre in a new development of Springfield Lakes.

The car park is situated just off Springfield Lakes Boulevard with a small 

eating gazebo and toilet facilites.  The park is found at the bottom of the hill on the edge of the lake.  Access is via the allocated stiars or a lovely stroll down a windy pathway.

We visted the park in the morning on a hot spring day.  The large sail helped protect us from the sun during our play.

The last time we visited discovery park with my twins was back in 2014.  The twins were 1.5years old at this time and did not really get the full benefit this park has to offer.

There is a large boat playground as you first walk in that will allow your children to play pirates and sailors till their hearts content.  My boys and another little boy had a great time screaming ships ahoy and walk the plant (yes it even comes with its own plank).

There is a small row boat situated next to the play boat that allows your kids to pretend to row to shore and rock the boat (all over board).

 There are a few turtles around the outside of  the park grounds which gave my nearly 1 year  old something to play around.  He also loved  swinging around on the double swing set with  baby seat.

 The twins had turns spinning like cyclones on  the spinner and swinging side to side on the  large hammock.

 My boys had such a great time at this park.  I am sure if I hadn't said it was time to go that we would still be there in the afternoon.  There was so much to explore and imaginative play to be had.

Warning to those with toilet training toddlers - it is a long walk to the toilet up a hill or stairs.  I suggest a visit on your way down to avoid accidents.


  • Heaps of Parking
  • Gated Park
  • Shaded Play Area
  • Big Playground with plenty of levels to keep them entertained
  • Climbing Ropes
  • Two Slides
  • A rocking Row Boat
  • A spinner
  • Rocking Balance Board (looks like a pretend water ski's)
  • Double Swing - baby and child
  • Large Rope Hammock


  • The car park and toilets are a little distance from the park
  • Bark chip and Leaves were eaten by the baby (not the parks fault)

Here is the Google Map Directions:



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