Bake Me Snacks

Author: Brea Walker   Date Posted:7 August 2017 

Bake Me Snacks Review

Bake Me Snacks 

I love baking!  Correction - I loved baking.  Baking with children is however a nightmare.  

You see these days when I am baking I usually have at least one child between my legs pulling down my pants (sorry to my neighbours) or they are fighting between the four of them to who gets to help mummy next or to lick the bowl first.  

Bake Me Snack Bars

I often have to make a double or triple batch - one for now, one for the freezer (because I don't want to bake every day) and one for spillages and bowl licking.  

Once the mixture has entered the oven there is a high chance that it will either get a little burnt (I call it caramelised) or will be pulled too early and have a gooey centre.  

Then you have the added cost of ingredients for healthy baked goods and trawling the internet looking for new exciting but healthy recipes.  

I am so thankful that I found Bake Me Snacks.  A healthy alternative to your packet cakes from the supermarket that are super easy to make and taste delicious.  

I purchased the starter kit which was $32.90 which included 2 packet mixes (I choose Berry, Chia and Oat Bar & Banana Coconut and Date Bar) plus a baking tin and Spatula.  

Whiltshire Baking Supplies

The quality of the baking tin and spatula was impressive for the price.  I will not lie, my baking tins and accessories are from Kmart.  It felt really good to use a better quality baking tin and accessories.  It has made me want to save to buy the whole range and bin my cheap and nasty kmart brand.

Berry, Chia and Oat Bar

I was a little rushed for time when I decided to make the Berry, Chia and Oat Bar.  I decided to include the boys as there was only a couple of ingredients to add.  How easy was it - super easy.  I am pretty sure that I could give this to my twins to do without my assistance (apart from the oven).  

Even with three kids fighting over it being their turn next we had this little beauty in the oven within 10 mins and the smell was devine.  We had to wait several hours before we got to try these bars due to swimming lessons, shopping and my work schedule.  

How did they taste - lets just say that none made the freezer.  I had to hide the container in the fridge behind the veggies so my husband didn't devour them all that night.  You would never know that this bar was made from Spelt flour and Oats.  The recipe said that this made 16 bars but I got 18 pretty decent sized bars (bonus).  

Berry Bake Me Snack


Banana, Date and Coconut Bar

I was a little sneaky with baking the banana, date and coconut bar.  I waited until the boys were at kindy and daycare.   So much easier to bake without kids and they will get an awesome surprise for afternoon tea today.  

Bake Me Snacks

I love banana bread and the idea of including dates and dried banana into this packet mix is on the level of Genius.  I was so excited to try this flavour and maybe get a few sneaky bars in before the kids try it.  The smell of cinnamon drifting through the house was devine.

What about the taste - OMG, I have had my fair share of banana bread.  I used to have a piece of toasted banana bread every day at work.  Those banana breads have nothing on how good this bar tastes.  I swear I am going to be craving this bar regularly.  

So my overall opinion of Bake Me Snacks is 5 out of 5.  Will definitely be buying from them again and when you calculate the cost of all the ingredients for healthy baked goods -  these bars can save you not only time but also money.   If you live in Inner West Melbourne and do not feel like baking - good news as you can buy the bars ready baked and delivered to your house.  


I snuck a few bars into the back of the freezer for sneaky morning tea snacks hehehe

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