Ducie Street Park, Darra

Author: Brea Walker   Date Posted:27 May 2017 

 Secretly hidden a block away from Darra state school and in a large open field, Ducie Street park is sure to be one to have on the list for regular playdates.  

Ducie Street Park, Darra


Ducie Street Park is hidden in the midst of Darra, South West of Brisbane.   You will need to use your GPS to find this park as it is not on a major street.  Ducie street is a quiet residential street that backs on to a large open field. 


There is heaps of street parking along Ducie street as well as parking in neighbouring streets.  Pathways lead to the playground from many different locations.


It is free. 

Features of Darra Park

  • See Saw
  • Large interactive playground
  • Multiple slides of varying sizes
  • Rock Climbing Walls
  • Bridges
  • Play Train and Carriage
  • Spiders Web Climbing rope
  • 3 Types of swings
  • Rocking Rides
  • The best double story globe round about ever seen
  • Several Gazebos
  • Toilet facilities opening soon
  • Heavily shaded with shade sails

This park is already starting to become a regular playdate park, probably due to the amount of space, a variety of play equipment, quiet surroundings and designated eating areas.  The addition of the toilet facilities in the coming weeks will make this park “The place to be for kids”.

I really love parks where you can go and just chat to a complete stranger (mum) and feel like you have known them all their lives.  I rarely get to truly sit down and chat with new mums.  Partly because I am always racing after a child but mostly because the vibe is just not right.

The vibe at Darra Park was smoking.   I meet a mum with a gorgeous 3 year old girl and as I stood next to her thought “She looks like she has everything super cool”.  She then turned around and grabbed her newborn baby.  My mouth dropped – She is amazeballs.  I also met another twin mummy and some family daycare mummies. 

See Saw

Xavier having a blast on the See Saw at Ducie Street Park, Darra

A personal favourite of Eli’s.  He would have spent around 30 mins on and off of the see saw.   He switched companions several times and even learnt the importance of using your legs to push during this visit.   There was nothing really special that I could see about this see saw.  It just took his fancy on this day. 

Large interactive playground

Eli enjoying the ropes at Ducie Street Park, Darra

There are three interactive playgrounds.  Two of them are connected via bridges.  Each base has its own interactive feature.  Some were games, others rock climbing walls, rope climbing, holes to climb through, tunnels.  I love these features as I often have two different age groups to accommodate and this park kept both ages happy throughout our stay.   

Multiple slides of varying sizes

There are slides protruding from all different angles and what I love the most is that the open slides are made of a material that doesn’t seem to get too hot.  Yes, some people say it is a right of passage to have a burnt backside from the metal slides but it is a great feature for our hot summers.

Play Train and Carriage

Train at Ducie Street Park, Darra

A great feature for the younger ones – babies to toddlers.  The train has two sections – The engine which includes a seat, steering wheel and a worm hole.  The back is a carriage has an interactive station including an abacus’s. 

3 types of swings

Xavier laughing on the toddler swing at Ducie Street Park, Darra

There are three types of swings at the Darra Park which makes it in my opinion, a fantastic option for children of all ages or if you have a variety of ages.  They have one of the round rope swings, kid swings and a really comfy looking baby/toddler swing.   This is the first park that I have seen this particular make of baby swing and I found that the swing was super comfy and allowed for all leg sizes (great for those cute little chubby thighs).

The best double story globe roundabout ever seen

The Globe at Ducie Street Park, Darra

I have no idea what to call this but will go for a globe roundabout.  If you are an 80's or earlier child, you will remember the roundabouts that you would all jump on and someone would run around to make you get super dizzy.  Well this is the 21st centrury "Safe" version.  

I am not sure why they classified the old versions as unsafe but this was one of my favourite park features when I was a kid.  This is why I get super excited when I see them at a park.  This one has a double story version.  You can climb up and around the globe whilst someone spins the globe around.  Gravitron eat your heart out.  


There was several little gazebos surrounding the Darra Park.  When we visited there were several groups utilising these gazebos.  They were all shaded and were a decent size.  This makes this park a popular destination for a playgroup or even a mummy fitness class whilst the kids play.  

Toilet facilities opening soon

When we visited the park the toilet facilities had been installed but were still locked off from use.  I am sure that these should be opened shortly, if not already.


Here is what my kids loved the best....

Eli loved the Globe at Ducie Street Park

Luca loved the bridges at Ducie Street Park

Xavier loved the See Saw at Ducie Street Park

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