10 ways to be more organised in 2017

Author: Vicky Mann from Little Minx Milestones   Date Posted:11 February 2017 

Getting children places on time

We were finding it a tad difficult to get our new year groove. Back in the office and juggling two kids going in different directions (childcare and school), we were yet to get anywhere on time. We are particularly bad at getting to bed early. Instead we were relishing that alone time when the kids are settled to catch up and reconnect. In all honesty, we would fold the washing, clean the kitchen and flop on the couch to Netflix ourselves into oblivion most nights.   

We’d become that family that is reliably late - on a daily basis.  

To help find our groove and get it together I consulted with my BFF’s. “How do you guys manage to get it together this time of year” I begged of them.

This the collective wisdom of Mothers with plenty of experience under their belts:

1.  Layout clothes the night before

This includes ironing, finding the shoes and socks, and laying out any ‘just in case’ layers. Find the hats (no hat no play). Each person just slips into their threads in the morning and removes the need for any laundry basket deep dives.

2. Instigate a routine – 7pm bed for kids

Think about what needs to happen in order to get the kids down into their own beds by 7pm. You might need to brush up on quick dinner options, perhaps do some cooking on the weekend for frozen meals. Worst case scenario kids will settle by 8 and you still get a good couple of hours to get your stuff together (see point 1) before you head to bed.

3. Get a good night sleep

Most adults need between 6-8 hours of good solid sleep to maintain good health. Working backwards from the time you have to get out the door, plan to get to bed an hour before you need to. This allows you to unwind (without screen time) and fall asleep in time to facilitate a decent nights sleep

4. Plan lunch boxes ahead of time

Before you do your regular shop, plan what you need to buy and make for lunchboxes. If having fresh bread available for sandwiches poses a challenge, consider wraps, rice cakes and savoury muffins. Whilst getting dinner ready, throw the lunch boxes together and stash them in the fridge for morning. 

5. Be a stickler for lunchbox hygiene

Catering for sick kids its damn tough. Avoid creating stomach problems with your children by being fastidious about the safety of their food. The food danger zone is between 4-60 degree’s - processed/cooked meats, dairy and rice are particularly susceptible. Use an insulated lunch bag with at least two frozen items (ice pack and drink bottle) to keep contents below 4 degree’s.   

6. Dose up Immunity

Get everyone on a good multivitamin and probiotic daily. This helps fill any nutritional gaps (particularly with fussy eaters) and fosters good bacteria in the gut. Use an Immunity liquid for quicker restoration of health after any germs have hit. 

7. Pack bags the night before

Gather up what you need and complete any action tasks in the evening. Again, this prevents the need for the morning panic and anxiety overwhelm in the AM.

8. Eliminate morning TV

Yes, we all know that a little bit of digital parenting can be a life saver. In the morning it causes things to move in slow motion. Stop the dawdle, remove the need to negotiate around program completion (“when Peppa finishes….”) and the stare bear slow down over breakfast.

9. Breakfast on the run

It’s hard to maintain a schedule when kids take F O R E V E R to eat their breakfast. If this is the case at your place check-out some quick breakfast options kids can consume in transit such as smoothies, toasted sandwiches, yoghurt squeezies and breakfast biscuits.

10. Perfect the Band Aid drop-off

Separation anxiety is real. It can be a daily battle with some kids, for others it can infrequent and situational. Talk to carers about your child’s needs in these situations. Most will advocate that kids settle within minutes of their parents leaving. Fact: it is counterintuitive to hang around longer waiting for them to settle (in most cases). Follow your same good bye routine, safely handing over your child to their carer and leave quickly (like tearing off a band aid).  

For help establishing a ‘Good Morning Routine’ and positive long term habits with your children please check-out the Free Downloadable at Little Minx


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